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Frank Manning was born in 1914, and with the unfolding of his life, changed social dancing forever. At the age of three his mother moved them from Florida to Harlem, the epicenter of black culture in America, and the birth place of the lindy hop. Frankie grew up watching his mother dance, wanting so badly to get involved rather then staying at home or being confined to quite rooms at rent parties. Even after his mother said that he'd never be a dancer after watching him practice, Frankie finally made it to the Savoy Ballroom. The rest is history.  As the best things in life most often happen, Frankie found himself to be part of the premier group of lindy dancers in the country, and consiquentially, had a profound effect on swing dance and music in general. Frankie's story continues to unfold with many accolades and accomplishments, including inventing the air step.  I could tell you more, but feel most confident that if you join us this year, your eyes, ears, and heart will be opened completely to the thing that brings your dancing to life; spirit.

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