Frankie In Australia


The following timeline of Frankie's trips to Australia is courtesy of Rob Bloom.

Frankie Manning toured Australia's East Coast and NZ with the Big Apple Dancers in a production called 'The Hollywood Revue'.  Frankie Manning visited Melbourne in 1938/1939 performing amongst other things the Big Apple. 

See newspaper clippings below (courtesy of Swing Tuit, Brisbane) covering The Hollywood Hotel Revue tour of Australia and New Zealand.  Also, Leon Clarke (that's Noni's brother for those non-veterans out there) wrote up this commentary on the trip.

Mar 1997  

Frankie Manning & Sing Lim workshop weekend – Canberra, organised by Rose & Eddie Fuderer.

Frankie goes on to teach a workshop in Darwin with Rodney Thomas and Chris Harlow, and a workshop weekend in Brisbane with Wayne Blair from Swing Tuit

Jan 1999  
Frankie Manning
& Erin Stevens international workshop weekend - Sydney, organised by Rob Bloom, also featured a visiting Swiss Lindy dancer Roger Schmidlin

Frankie then in Adelaide teaching with Lucy (from Brisbane)

Jan/Feb 2001  
Frankie Manning
visits Perth

Sep 2001    
1st Swing Masters weekend in Sydney with Frankie Manning (from this point on Frankie visits annually at this event organised by Jan O'Shea)

Jan/Feb 2002
Frankie Manning visits again, weekends in Perth & Melbourne

Sept/Oct 2002
Swing Masters weekend with Frankie Manning in Sydney

Oct 2003  
Frankie Manning & Chaz Young in Sydney at Swing Masters

Dec 2004 
Swing Masters in Sydney with Frankie Manning, Ryan & Jenny Francois, Chaz Young, Rob Bloom

Mar 2005  
Frankie Manning in Perth

Apr 2006  
Frankie Manning
in Sydney

Mar 2007  
Frankie Manning in Sydney

Mar 2008  
Frankie Manning in Sydney