Community Participation


The Shiny Stockings Ball is a celebration of the soulful part of dancing. It's a tribute to Frankie Manning, a man who taught us our basic steps and gave us his heart in full.  Proceeds from this event are going to the Frankie Manning Foundation, to assist in the running of Frankie 100 in New York City, a celebration of Frankie's 100th birthday.

This is your opportunity to participate in the rich history of Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance.  Our dance has taken an inspiring and emotional journey to get to where it is today and with the participation and creative interest of you, the dancers, it's evolution will continue.  The Shiny Stockings Ball is a primal experience where generations of a community come together and share wisdom through story telling, socialising, learning and dancing.  At the 2012 event Frankie's son, Chazz Young, was the guest of honor.  Chazz told unforgettable stories about his own journey, about Frankie and about the history of our dance and its founders.  As those who attended share these memories over drinks with friends, in a blog post or written in a personal diary, the legacies of Lindy Hop are preserved and passed on.